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The Human Resources Department partners with departments and employees to hire, compensate, support and develop a diverse workforce dedicated to delivering high-quality services to the community.  Our employees are our most valuable resources.

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Private Retiree Healthcare Marketplacehttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/retirees/3030Private Retiree Healthcare Marketplace<div class="ExternalClass5D814284C4A54FFDA5315299558E9699"><p>​Beginning January 1, 2016, retiree health coverage will be provided through a private retiree healthcare marketplace.  Information regarding this change will be mailed to retirees in August.  For more information, please visit the <a title="Retirees" href="/retirees" target="_blank"><strong>Retiree web page</strong></a>.  </p></div>
Changes to FMLA Eligibility Periodhttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/employee-supervisor/3434Changes to FMLA Eligibility Period<div class="ExternalClass9F14606079F54707A6DE3EDE20D36228"><p>​Effective <strong>January 1, 2016</strong>, the City of Phoenix's Family Medical Leave Policy for City Employees will be revised to adopt a "rolling 12-month entitlement period" measured backward from the date an employee uses leave under the Family Medical Leave Act [FMLA].  For more information, read the <a href="/Documents/FMLAeligltr.pdf" target="_blank">change of eligibility period letter.  </a></p></div>
eCHRIS Offline - Dec 11th thru Dec 12thhttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/employee-supervisor/3535eCHRIS Offline - Dec 11th thru Dec 12th<div class="ExternalClass820C0478800B45E5994307D633220A55"><p>​<span style="color:red;"><strong>The eCHRIS application will be offline for maintenance starting</strong> </span><strong style="color:red;">Friday, December 11th, at 7:00 p.m.  </strong>eCHRIS will be back online by <strong>noon on Saturday, December 12th.</strong>  The eCHRIS support team will be performing maintenance during this time, including applying payroll tax updates to ensure the City is compliant with state, federal, and local tax regulation changes.</p></div>

For Managers / Supervisors

You will need access to Manager Self Service to process or review PMG's. Click here to view the directions of how to complete the Supervisory Confidentiality Agreement through eCHRIS Self Service.  Once the agreement has been completed online, Manager Self Services access will be granted within one hour.