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The Human Resources Department partners with departments and employees to hire, compensate, support and develop a diverse workforce dedicated to delivering high-quality services to the community.  Our employees are our most valuable resources.

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Workforce Planning Guide Now Availablehttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/employee-supervisor/1414Workforce Planning Guide Now Available<div class="ExternalClass758C7CF07DBF44E39DB31EE3F90A5BFB"><p>​HR has developed a workforce planning guide to provide departments with tools and resources to address their unique business needs and staffing challenges. “Workforce Planning Basics – a Guide for City Departments” provides a model for conducting the workforce planning process and includes tools, resources and samples to assist in this effort.  Go to the <strong></strong><a title="Empl Supv Svcs" href="/Pages/Employee-Supervisor-Services.aspx" target="_blank"><strong>Empl / Supv Services</strong> </a>web page and click on the Supervisor Resources link to find the Guide, Knowledge Transfer Toolkit links, and other helpful information.</p></div>
Sick and Vacation Leave Snapshotshttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/training/1515Sick and Vacation Leave Snapshots<div class="ExternalClass8FDE123509784E7DBCBCA6C6C1D12742"><p>​To learn more about the 2012 Sick Leave Snapshot and 2014 Vacation Leave Snapshot, go to the <a href="/Pages/Sick-and-Vacation-Leave-Snapshots.aspx">Sick Leave and Vacation Leave Snapshots</a> ("Leave Snapshots") web page. </p></div>
New Flexrap Process for 2015https://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/benefits/2323New Flexrap Process for 2015<div class="ExternalClassBBFE8999A19742ECA83835029916F927"><p>​Flexrap has been outsourced to ASIFlex beginning January 1, 2015.  You'll enjoy faster reimbursement, online claim submission, and a debit card for the healthcare account (if requested).  Review the <strong><a title="Flexrap Info Sheet" href="/Documents/Flexrap_2015.pdf" target="_blank">information sheet</a></strong> and visit the website at <a title="asiflex" href="http://www.asiflex.com/" target="_blank"><strong>www.asiflex.com</strong></a>.</p></div>
New "Fit Friends" YMCA Discounthttps://employee.phoenix.gov/announcements/benefits/2828New "Fit Friends" YMCA Discount<div class="ExternalClass8080F786058D4199AC6991C9E295B02C"><p>​City employees can receive discounted monthly rates to any Valley YMCA under a new Fit4Phoenix promotion.  Employees can receive a 50% discount if referred by another City employee who is a current member.  For more information, go to the <a href="/Pages/Fit4Phoenixhome.aspx"><strong>Fit4Phoenix web page</strong></a>, contact any of the 16 YMCAs or call the Benefits Office at 602-262-4777.  This program will run year-round.</p></div>

For Managers / Supervisors

You will need access to Manager Self Service to process or review PMG's. Click here to view the directions of how to complete the Supervisory Confidentiality Agreement through eCHRIS Self Service.  Once the agreement has been completed online, Manager Self Services access will be granted within one hour.