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2016-19 MOUs/MOAs MOUs/MOAs<div class="ExternalClassC2FD3554E5B94B3284B6A950A897A1BB"><p>The 2016-19 MOUs and MOAs with the employee unions and associations are now available online.  To access these documents and other Labor Relations resources within the City's network, click <a title="Labor Relations Resources" href="http://insidephx/depts/hr/Pages/Grievance-and-Labor-Relations-Resources.aspx" target="_blank">here</a>.  To access the MOUs and MOAs on, click <a title="Emp Terms by Unit" href="" target="_blank">here</a>.  ​</p></div>
Wage and Benefit Summaries - FY 2016-19 and Benefit Summaries - FY 2016-19<div class="ExternalClass4F58B9C9D754416A958C519463DD4B16"><p>​Wage and benefit summaries for fiscal years 2016-19, by unit, are now available.  Click <a title="Wage and Benefit Summaries" href="http://insidephx/depts/hr/Pages/Wage-and-Benefit-Changes-2016-2019.aspx" target="_blank"><strong>here</strong></a> for more information.</p></div>
Pay Plan Updates Plan Updates<div class="ExternalClass6A46FDDA0BDF4497B8C1CB6A40D8A98A"><p>Pay Plan documents and Compensation and Benefits Reference Guides have been updated online.  For more information, visit the<a title="Pay Plan Information" href="/Pages/Pay-Plan-Information.aspx" target="_blank"> Pay Plan Information </a>web page.</p></div>

For Managers / Supervisors

You will need access to Manager Self Service to process or review PMG's. Click here to view the directions of how to complete the Supervisory Confidentiality Agreement through eCHRIS Self Service.  Once the agreement has been completed online, Manager Self Services access will be granted within one hour.