EAP Phone Number

(602) 534-5433




Flexrap is the City’s name for its Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Program. Flexrap offers employees opportunity to pay for eligible family medical and/or daycare expenses with pre-taxed earnings and realize savings of at least 25%.

Flexrap enrollment is based on the calendar year. Enrollment does not automatically roll forward from one year to the next. Continued enrollment requires employee action using eCHRIS Self-Service during Flexrap Open Enrollment. Flexrap Open Enrollment occurs in November with a January 1st effective date. Exact dates are published each year in the City Connection and via a mailing to each employee’s mailing address in eCHRIS.

New employees can enroll for the remainder of the current calendar year if they make an enrollment election using eCHRIS Self-Service within 31 days of their start date.

Employees can enroll mid-year or make mid-year election changes if they have qualified life events occur such as birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, etc. The Flexrap change must occur within 31 days of the event and must correlate to the event. Mid-year changes are not retroactive.

Please review the 2014 Flexrap Guide and contact the Benefits Office with questions at 602-262-4777 or benefits.questions@phoenix.gov.